A Lifelong Love Of Music

Friends and Links
This is the page I'll post comments and testimonials, web links to some friends and good acquaintances and some great music camps and workshops I've attended.

Friends, Camps, Workshops, and Festivals
Steve Baughman: amazing finger style guitarist and lover of accapella harmony
Joe Craven : an amazing creative spirit and runs Rivertunes music camp with his wife Pamella.
en Franklin : A really great luthier and longtime friend and guitar buddy from Ukiah, CA
Janet Lenore Mcallister: Singer/Songwriter
friend who warmly welcomed me into the great CCMC community
Patrick Nagel:
Singer/Songwriter and amazing guitar player from Ukiah, Ca
Topher Gayle:
CCMC funny songwriter friend and Multi-instrumentalist extraordinare
Keith Little: CCMC teacher and great harmony vocal and professional player with many groups.
Mary Gordon Hall Wonderful Charlottesville area singer/songwriter and harmony lover
Tom Proutt and Emily Gary Tom is a great guitar player from whom I've taken some guitar lessons. He and Emily have some great CD's out including Good Night songs, some rediscovered songs of Margaret Wise Brown set to their music .
Camps, Workshops, and Festivals

River Tunes : Creativity and Roots Music Camp run by Joe and Pamella Craven. 2014 I joined the staff and teach Voice and Songwriting core classes and electives on harmony. Great camp for beginning and intermediate musicians.
Walker Creek Music Camp: another great camp in the hills of western Marin County with some of the best in bluegrass and oldtime teachers. I've taught electives here.
California Bluegrass Association Camp- Camp in Grass Valley prior to the Annual CBA Festival. Teacher's Assistant to Carol McComb in 21015.
Augusta Heritage Center : Great camp like Swannanoa with multiple theme weeks each summer.
California Coast Music Camp Amazing all acoustic camp with 2 one week sessions each year.

From Jack Roy, Charlottesvile, VA- A blues guitarist only for much of his life and founder of The Biscuit Rollers, a Virginia Regional Champion blues group (now ceased):
  "As a 50 year old guitarist, I have always wanted to be able to sing as I played.  I have tried several times, used books and tapes to help with no success. Within the first 2 months with Sheridan I accomplished my first open mic, a huge milestone for me. He has taken the time to diagnosis the areas that I needed to improve and has setup a strategic way of developing my voice in the genre of music that I have an interest in. I thought I would never be able to sing, but I am a believer now...  I rarely give a 5 star rating to anyone, but Sheridan deserves it!!"

From camper Rod Brown at RiverTunes Camp 2014

"At RiverTunes this past week, Sheridan Malone taught me about breath support in singing. Seems like it was a case of the right instructor appearing when the student was (finally) ready. I've been told I needed to work on breath support since high school choir, back in 1970. I've been told the same thing countless times since, and I believed it was true, but somehow was having trouble internalizing the idea. Sheridan is the first person who ever pointed out the pleasure, and the actual **fun** of singing with good breath support. What a revelation! It's no longer a duty, and I'm loving it! Thank you Sheridan! Thank you Rivertunes."    - Rod Brown