A Lifelong Love Of Music

Musical Musings and Calendar
This page will be a rambling musical diary/blog that I will visit periodically to ruminate on musical experiences and musicians I've seen or met. It will be in a chronological order of sorts, and at times I may go back in time to resurrect a thought or memory of something past.
2016 Filled with more music.  Still playing solo once a month a the Blue wing Saloon. The Thin Air String Band has been busy playing farmer's markets and other local venues but this year we open for Joe Craven and the Sometimers at the main theater at Mendocino College and have more planned later in the year. Am back on the RiverTunes camp teaching staff and now teaching voice regularly and giving a ukulele lesson once a month for the Ukiah Ukelele Club. 

2015 - Thrilled to be teaching again at Rivertunes, a roots music and creativity camp near Coloma, and have also been asked to be a Teacher's Assistant for Carol McComb's vocal class at the California Bluegrass Association Camp in Grass Valley preceding their annual Father's Day Festival. I'm performing solo a lot these days and writing a little. Will post things as time permits.

January 2014 - I've been hired as a full time staff member of RiverTunes Music and Creativity Camp! Thanks to Joe and Pamella Craven for bringing me in to the family! I'll be teaching core classes in Vocal Production and Songwriting and elctives in Triad Harmony Tips, and Accapella singing. Last week in July! I'm now retired and writing more daily, especially poetry. Life is full...

December 31, 2012 We bid farewell to a busy musical and work year and look forward to a successful 2013. Over Easy will be seeking new gigs and adventures and I'll be teaching elective workshops at two music camps this year. The first will be  at the newly created Walker Creek Music Camp April 5-8, where I'll teach a vocal care workshop. The second will be at Joe and Pamela Craven's wonderful RiverTunes Camp July 28-Aug.1,  where I'll teach both a harmony theory elective workshop, and an actual Barbershop harmony workshop! I'm very excited to be doing both of these! Rivertunes fills up very fast and Walker Creek is a gorgeous facility.

June 2012 "Over Easy", my vocal acoustic duo with John Morris has been playing a whole lot more these days. I'm going to add a page and try list our current schedule and stick in a few music samples.

March 6. 2011 Been lax about site maintenance, but have been musically busy. Haven't written a new tune in a while, but partner Jerry Krantman relocated to Philadelphia, and am keeping the "Over Easy" group name. I'm now  singing with John Morris every second Thursday at the Ukiah Brewing Company. Still trying to recruit a fiddle or mandolin player who can sing. Hoping to write more songs soon.
June 24 "Over Easy" had a fun gig at Ukiah Brewing Company. Very quiet when we arrived but filled up nicely with folks for dining, and instead being just background muzak, Jerry Krantman and I received warm rounds of applause and nice tips as well. We'll be back every fourth Thursday 7:30-9:30. We're at Shanacie Pub in Willits Thursday July 15, Ukiah Farmers Market Saturday July 17. Next Ukiah Brewery gig is July 22.
Today I'm headed up to Laytonville for the Kate Wolf Festival. I've been asked to lead the Saturday campfire song circle by the river.

June 2010 - Went to California Bluegrass Association Camp at the Nevada City county fairgrounds. Great time in bass class with Dan Booth ot the Kathy Kallick Band and lots of jamming with new and old friends. Got an allergy cold and could not stay for the Festival, but sometimes the pendulum swings that way.
Spring 2010 ; Jerry Krantman and I have been playing and practicing a bunch. We're going to call ourselves "Over Easy" We're hoping to add another voice and instrument! I've been singing a lot and teaching guitar and voice as well. Farmer's Market, St. Patrick's Day, and even a night of musical theater tunes in August are all in the works.
December 2009  Janauary2010 Settling back in Ukiah, seeing many familiar faces and making some new musical friends. Family up for Christmas, way too much to eat, but look forward to weekly jamming at open mic at the Ukiah Brewing Company. Met a fellow folkie named Jerry Krantman who I've joined with in both harmony, guitar and bass. We even played the local Farmer's Market.I get to an another occasional jam at Ruth McGowan's Pub in Cloverdale. Looking forward to my first Oldtime Fiddle Festival in Cloverdale this week. Just turned 61, seems like time's a wastin'! Started a few new tunes as well.

October 2009- Back home to Ukiah! Linda and I drove cross country with our cats Snickers and Alexia, and got to see much of this beautiful nation along Interstate 70. Amazing diversity of geography perhaps except for Kansas with miles and miles of dreary flatlands. We rode in comfort out of the weather, and listened to our favorite music most of the way. At about 400 miles a day we'd spend 8 hours or so to the next stop. Makes you not only appreciate the vastness of the country but the fortitude and courage of pioneers who took months in covered wagons to new lives.
We drove our Toyota Highlander Hybrid which averaged about 27 miles to the gallon and was very comfortable on the long stretches. Once in the midwest, we were battling a 30 mph plus headwind that reduced our efficiency down to 17 miles per gallon.
   We stopped for a break in Silverthorn, Colorado, where we took almost a week for relaxing, hiking, and exploring. Our son Harrison flew up from San Diego to hang out with us, and we all went hot tubbing in the mountains. Then Linda flew back to Virginia for a few weeks, Harry went home, and I pushed on alone with the cats, who by now were seasoned travelers. Driving across southern Utah was probable the most picturesque next to the Rockies. Once I got to the California border the landscape became more and more familiar as I headed up the mountains through Tahoe and down to Ukiah on Highway 20. Like a sled dog on the Iditarod on the final homestretch, I felt pulled back to Mendocino county. The Highlander Hybrid averaged almost 33 miles per gallon on this mostly downhill leg, the first and only time in its life it met the high end of the manufacturer's suggested fuel efficiency.

September 12 7:30PM at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church , 717 Rugby Road in Charlottesville . I will be performing "Shenandoah Serenade", an evening of solo and ensemble original and traditional acoustic folk music. I will be joined by friends Kim Moreno, Wendy Repass, Paul and Kirsten Fritz. Suggested donation is $10.00 to benefit both TJMC's music program.

August 29 10AM-12NOON Held a Harmony Workshop at Victory Hall Theater in Scotsville. My sister Christina Malone came to participate alone with some other very good singers for some serous harmony making
August 22 11AM-1PM  Harmony workshop at Ginter Park Methodist Church in Richmond. This was my first all women student class and was fun transposing harmonies into sweeter keys for higher voices.


July 5-10, 2009 - Augusta Heritage music workshops at Elkins, WV! Attended Early Country Week. Lots of very interesting classes including Songs of Hank Williams and Backup Country Guitar with John Lilly, and Country Gems with Carol McComb, a teacher I met at California Coast Music Camp. Nice to see a familiar face, had a few opportunities to hang out at meals and dances. Another amazing personality on stage was Bill Kirchen forme lead guitar and vocalist of Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen,who does an amazing "Hot Rod Lincoln", complete with every significant rock guitar lick from the 50's to the 90's . Took gorgeous route 250 through the mountains up to Davis and Elkins College campus and returned by Seneca Rocks on Routre 33 on the way back. Stayed up to all hours jamming but ended up with my own room in the dorms on campus.

June 18-20,2009 - Went to Buena Vista, VA for the 16th Annual Maury River Fiddler's Convention. Jammed and hung out with a master old time fiddler named Tom Isenhour from Scottsville, VA who knows so many old time tunes and variations, and who played 'em which way way back when. Tom's an incredible guy now in his 80's, and as we watched some of the bluegrass and oldtime band competitions, he lamented how some of the younger fiddlers like to add flourishes and runs to traditional old time tunes, instead of keeping track of the beauty and simplicity of the original melodies. Lots of jamming around the campgrounds, and saw many old friends from previous festivals and from all over the map. I watched an 88 year old named L.H. Tuck from Roanoke warming up for competition on his 1912 Gibson mandolin. He played a beautiful tune that he was hesitant to compete with, and everyone around him encouraged him to play it up on stage. He did, and came in second! An amazing event where competitors are paid $15-$20 as they come off stage to help defray the festival admission cost. 
Sunday May 3, 2009  - Got invited to play a half hour set at a "For Pete's Sake Sing!" hootenany in sthe style of the 60's and 70's folk movement. A great musical time was had at the Camel in Richmond VA. I joined my friends Kim Moreno, Wendy Repass, and Mike Manto. Hootenannies like this were staged across the country to celebrate Pete Seeger's 90 birthday, raise money for struggling musicians, and promote Pete's nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize at . Really had fun at this one!

April 27, 2009 Linda and I just got back from a week on St.John in the U.S.Virgin Islands. Beautiful house overlooking Coral Bay. Linda, along with our housekeeper, Sally,  helped borrow a nice Epiphone Gibson guitar for me to play during the week. I found some new strings in Cruz Bay (part of the deal), restrung the guitar, and it sounded great. Lot's of snorkeling in various beautiful places, very rough roads, and driving on the left made for a week of fun. Lots of book time and nap time too. We had a great all day sail on The Long Distance with owners Rick and Robin Gallup. Early in the week Linda wanted to find some music by locals and found a CD we liked by the Hot Club of Coral Bay. We saw in the local calendar that they were playing on Saturday April 25 at a local hot spot called Skinny Legs. We went down to see them and after Linda chatted with Laurie Keefe the lead singer, told her how much we liked their album, and mentioned that I played and sang, and Laurie invited me to join them on the second set. So I met her husband Jay Keefe, mandolin, fiddle, and bass player extraordinaire, and the lead guitarist Ike Eichenberg, who not only lent me his guitar for a rousing version of "Wayfarin' Stranger", but opened their chart book and let me pick a number of tunes I knew to harmonize with Laurie on. Thanks to the generosity of the Hot Club it was a great cap to the end of the vacation!

Friday April 3, opened for Kate Campbell at a Barking Cherry House Concert. I've been to two of Kate's workshops at Cedar Run Song Workshops. One was a summer week and the other was a weekend. Kate is very good at "song fixin", and can cut to the heart of the lyrics or change a chord to improve the message or feel. This was a very interesting evening, with other artists chiming in on harmony or playing along. Even got to play some bass!

Saturday, March 7th, 2009  from 4PM 6PM I'll had another vocal harmony workshop at Rapunzel's Coffee and Books in Lovingston, VA. This is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, singing and harmonizing. Plus going on later that evening was Gene and Gayla Mills! There's always a range of varying vocal abilities and musical skills, but  we never fail to let everyone be involved and have a successful and happy harmonic experience. Cost of the workshop is $20.00.
 Email me at to sign up

February 28 2009 I'll be playing for a fundraiser at TJMC, a Unitarian Universalist congregation.
 I'm also now teaching individual voice students at University of Virginia, and  some private lessons as well. I really enjoy helping people find their naturally rersonant voice. It's so interesting to discover the secret of unlocking that sound because each of us is so different..

February 2009 amonth or two ago I saw a newspaper ad from the University of Virginia looking for short course teachers in guitar and other non credit classes. The ad also said to suggest a topic you thought might be interesting to students, so I submitted a prospectus for a vocal technique and harmony class. I got interviewed and they liked my proposal. Apparently acapella singing is back in vogue on campus. So I'll actually be teaching on a college campus for the first time in my life. I'm very excited about this oppotunity, and hope it leads to more.

Friday, Jan.30,31 and Feb.1, 2009  I taught a harmony workshop and jammed at the 2nd Annual Groundhog Fest musical weekend. Met lots of new folks and got to share musical knowledge.Great Fun!

January 14, 2009 -Turned the big 60 today. Aieeee! I did a little research on groundhogs and wrote  "Groundhog Polka" for the upcoming Groundhog Fest. I never knew they were also called woodchuck, marmot, and whistle-pig, so I threw some of  that into the tune also.

December 24, 2008 I'll be singing "O Holy Night" at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church in Charlottesville for the 7:30 Christmas Eve service.

December 9, 2008  I'll sing "You Will Always Be Right Here"  at the Church of Our Savior on Rio Road in Charlottesville. This is an annual memorial service for the Compassionate Friends, a support group for parents who have lost children. This song was written for them

October 25th 2008 Conducted another vocal harmony workshop at The Junction in Orange, VA. Had a few folks come all the way from Richmond! Always a good time, and even got Terri the owner and her daught to join in.
Sunday September 21, 2008 I was invited to play on the ticket for International Peace Day at the Gravity Lounge in Charlottesville. This was my solo debut in a venue that attracts a great deal of talent in the singer/songwriter circuit, and it was a thrill to share some of my own material with a good crowd and get some very positive feedback. I did several peace minded tunes and even threw in a protest song I had written years ago called "Letter from a Citizen". I also brought my bass and pitched in with some of the other performers. Hope to do more there.
Saturday, September 20th, 2008 I conducted another vocal harmony workshop at  Rapunzel's in Lovingston, VA. This is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, singing and harmonizing. There's always a range of varying vocal abilities and musical skills, but  we never fail to let everyone be involved and have a successful and happy harmonic experience. I really enjoy doing these workshops and am currently trying to apply to a number of music camps and weekend workshops to share even more.

September 14, 2008  I put together a little ensemble to play for the Water Ceremony at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church in Charlottesville. I like this service because congregation members are invited to bring water from any favorite source like lake, river, or ocean or even rain to combine in a container. The water is filtered and purified and then used for symbolic purposes for the coming year. Our musical ensemble of four played multiple instruments including guitar, drum. bass, mandolin, and whistle, as well as singing in harmony. I sent out words and melody in advance by e-mail. We practiced for about 15 minutes before the service started and had a good time and sounded great!

August 12 -14 went to the Amelia Bluegrass Festival and brought my new (used) 5/8 Scherzer bass and had a great time jamming on both bass and guitar. One of the best things about these festivals are the circles and connections you can make musically with total strangers. I camped on a shady ridge and found I was next to several basses, so I did a little duo with one and played some of my own tunes which presented a small challenge beyond bluegrass, but we had made some nice music and had other campers nearby collect as a small audience. Great fun!
Just took a crash course in You Tube from a guy named Mark Easley I met at Cedar Run Songworkshops. I used my lttle Canon 850SD Power Shot in movie mode and edited it in the Movie Maker prgram already on my PC. Amazing picture and sound from a little digital camera! Check it out at
July 17-19 Went to the Mineral Bluegrass Festival and saw many great examples of old and new bluegrass and gospel. This is my second festival this year. Old timers included Ralph stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, The Lewis Family, Del McCoury Band , and The Chuck Wagon Gang. New hot bands included The Grascals, Barry Scott & Second Wind. Lots of others, but jamming with others is still my favorite. There was a booth called Bluegrass Sweethearts which mostly featured "Blueridge" guitars and other instruments, but there was a late jam going on there, and since there was a bass sitting in a stand, I picked it up and was welcomed right in. I met an old timer named "Country" Henry, and he was hosting a jam circle outside his mobile, and not only joined in the music but played a few of my own. He liked my stuff so much he invited me to his home near the Amelia Festival in August.
July 6, 2008  - Attended Cedar Run Song Workshop for a week at Seven Oaks Path Retreat center near Madison. VA. Had the privilege of classes in singing and songwriting from Joe Jencks, Kathy Hussey, Johnsmith, and Tom Kimmel. every camp or workshop brings new appreciation of the vast world of music and songwriting. Always an amzing experience.

May 4. 2008 I sang at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church . It was an all music service and I had a chance to participating in the music as singer and band member. I hadn't sung in a choir in years and under the direction of KaeRanae Mitchell, who also directs the magnificent University of Virginia Women's Chorus, it was a delightful experience.

April 19th, 2008, I held another Harmony Workshop at Rapunzel's in Lovingston from 1PM-4PM. Like the January workshop we listened, sang, and made a lot of vocal harmony to get a better sense of the elements that help that rich sound come together. Always a joy when both seaoned and amateur singers have a successful harmonic experience. For future workshops or more info you can e-mail me. Classes will be limited to 12.
March 7, 2008 Had a great evening at Rapunzel's with Mitch Russell on mando and guitar, Gil Somers on guitar and bass, and me alternating on guitar and bass. We met at several Wednsday night jams and put together a fun night of music with a few practices before to set harmony and instrumentals.
Mitch Russell, Gil Somers and Me at Rapunzel's
March 7, 2008 I'll be playing at Rapunzel's Coffee and Books with Gil Somers and Mitch Russell in a singer/songwriters in the round show. should be fun!
February 10, 2008: I''ll be playing at Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church with a new song "It Takes A Little Time" which I composed for the service.
February 9,2008: I'll be hosting a collaborative harmony workshop at my home. Members will learn or refresh vocal harmony tips and techniques, sing and hear different chord inversions, and then create or improve harmony on their own songs. Should be great fun!

January 25th, 2008 I'll be attending a songwriting workshop weeked with Kate Campbell , part of the continiuing series offerrd by Cedar Run Song Workshops. Kate is a great down home straight shooter for song analysis, and I had a wonderful class with her last year and am looking forward to this one.

January 10, 2008 I was fortunate to open for Bill Staines at a house concert nearby. Bill is a genuine troubador, and has not only numerous albums, but many songs covered by famous artists. We had a great full house, and avery appreciative audience. I opened with my new song "The Troubador" which was inspired by listening to Bill's "October Hill" CD. I have to thanks my friend and neighbor Len Jaffe who hosts these great community building concerts, and now gives local artists a chance to present their talents as well.

Decmber 10, 2007,
Went to a Robin Bullock concert at Acoustic Muse . This great Charlottesville VA venue may be losing its home, but this concert was fantastic. Robin plays with incredible skill and dynamics even with plastic fingerpicks. Amazing! He played a great Christmas set, even using an original tuning he invented to play "Carol Of The Bells". I got his "A Guitar For Christmas" CD and it is simply delightful instrumental listening music. Opening for him was local singer/songwriter Mary Gordon Hall who did some funny Christmas tunes and a haunting "My Babe Alone" song from her "Wine Glasses And Wooden Spoons" CD which has become one of my favorite car CD's. Mary Gordon has become a friend, and we got to jam afterwards until 1:30AM with several of the other Acoustic Muse folks, including co-founder Michael Cvetanovich and sound engineer Rich Cieslewitz and others.

November 2007: For years I've been a self taught guitar player, and have discovered many wonderful musical things on my own. After being at many workshops and camps and getting some great tips for improvement, I decided I should go back and take lessons. Now I'm getting a little more foundation under my former ramblings on the neck. I may never be a virtuoso, but I hope to improve. I feel very fortunate to have found a guitar teacher in Tom Proutt, a great local player and singer/songwriter with several great CD's including "Farm Jazz" done with many former bandmates, and "Pancake Momma" done with his singing partner Emily Gary.