A Lifelong Love Of Music

Vocal Instruction
       I have been drawn to sing since childhood. I added self taught guitar at 11 years old, which furthered my desire to use my voice. In my 20's, after years of singing harmony in different musical groups, and yearning to sing with better power and control, I finally began voice lessons with the late Nadine Patton.  I was trying to develop a "lead" voice in a quartet, and she said she could help. Her training was operatic vocal production, but lends its strength to almost any style. I studied with her for five years and realized much of the vocal potential I had, and went into performing musical theater for a number of years. I also became aware of how to share that craft with others.
     Now I'm retired and teaching vocal technique to students who want to learn how to generate free resonating sounds, sing higher notes without strain, and perform more confidently. I was hired as a short course private voice lesson instructor at University of Virginia in Spring 2009! Upon my return to California I began teaching electives at music camps like Walker Creek Music Camp and California Bluegrass Association Camp in 2014 became a staff member at Joe and Pamella Craven's RiverTunes Camp.
I still think that f
reeing the human instrument makes for a lifetime of vocal expression. I truly believe that the source of vocal success is so clearly linked to proper breathing and support, that I usually don't even begin in-person lessons until a student has used my free breathing excercises and concepts and then worked on developing better breathing techniques. When they can demonstrate a 30 second or better metered hiss, then we are ready to create sound. I've included some of those breathing thoughts and excercises on this page:

Sheridan directs a vocal chorus warmup (photo by Mark Blumenstein)